Who am I

My name is Marinella ”Monni” Himari, and I’m the founder of WILDER MIND MEDIA. I am a Finnish outdoor journalist and photographer, speaker, writer and publisher. I have documented outdoor activities and natural monuments with compelling stories of heritage and history for the past years, and at the core of my work lies an urge to share the beauty of nature and the history behind the area. My lifetime goal is to encourage people to spend more time in the woods and enjoy nature to the fullest.

My following covers 80 000+ outdoor enthusiasts interested in hiking, storytelling, photography, and fishing. You can find my social media presence on Instagram at @suomiretki (56k followers) and my personal account @nellahimari (14,8k followers). Take a look of my award-winning travel blog KAUKOKAIPUU here. Ambassador programs and sponsored posts on Instagram are offered always at the finest quality.

WILDER MIND MEDIA sells photo rights and offers emotional and touching stories and visually strong photographs. We organise photo workshops, fishing trips and wilderness courses.